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Urban Challenges with Data - Exemples of two projects

Innovate UK has published outline details of the winning projects, and details of the majority, for funding of two ’Solving Urban Challenges with Data’ competitions that ran late last year and early this year.

NEXUS project combine multiple data sources based on Oxford City and social and economic development requirements. The team comprises BT as lead partner, to provide advanced data analytics and visual software tools, plus access to a number of networked large-scale data sources. The academic research partner is the world-leading Oxford Internet Institute (OII), who will lead on novel graph and network visualisation analysis. The end user is Oxford City Council, who have expressed a keen interest in the project outputs.

Innovate UK Engaged Smart Transport (EST) is a project about congestion which has a set of well-documented negative consequences, including environmental pollution, poor economic competitiveness, low levels of public satisfaction with public transport, negative impacts on personal health and wellbeing, and a broader reputational impact on urban centres that aspire to be retail and tourist destinations.
Exeter has some of the worst air pollution and congestion statistics for a city of its size.Alongside these background factors, the city aspires to maintain its position as a key retail and tourist centre and there are plans to redevelop several areas of the city centre for retail and leisure facilities in the coming years. One of the ways in which social scientists have attempted to deal with this ’wicked’ policy problem is to promote pre-formed behavioural change through the provision of information and exhortations to individual travellers to change their behaviour.

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